baddies humiliated

a collection of stills of sexy bad guys being humiliated and punished in movies and television
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Assault of the Party Nerds 2 : The Heavy Petting Detective, the bad closet-gay guy who is now married with his wife’s money, tries to avenge the good guy but gets once more exposed as secretly having fun with his buddy

The Assault of the Party Nerds: the pretty standard fraternity douche-bags, Bud (C. Paul Dempsey), Cliff (Kevin Glover), and Chip (Robert Mann), vain, sexist, macho pigs and so narcissistic that their body-consciousness leads to its logical end of homo-eroticism and experimentation. The three baddies who are more attracted by their own bodies than their girlfriends are discovered naked in homosexual activities, their reputation destroyed.

The politically un-correct comedy with a twist on the secretly gay macho jocks doesn’t please everyone ("The homosexuality of the jocks seemed more like a punishment for their horrendous behavior.  It seemed like the idea was that they were horrible people because they were gay.") 

Blues Brothers 2000, the extreme right white power racist fascists mess with the wrong guys

The 51st State: the neonazis gets tricked to devour pills resulting to group diarrhea, drawned in their own shit. in the last capture another antagonist gets a bad guy exploding all over him

Blues Brothers 2000 the Russian thugs get drunk, bound, packed, stripped and delivered to their bosses, utterly humiliated

Pura Vida Ibiza: the sadist bastard makes the good guys gather medusas to torture them but he falls on his own trap while the hunks laugh at his painful predicament leaving him helpless 

Pura Vida Ibiza: the hunky good guys have an obnoxious mean sadist manager who tries his best to demean them, but gets in even worse trouble himself

Pura Vida Ibiza: the good guys get in sexy trouble

Popeye, Beach Peach , the Bluto-like lifeguard gets his punishment ny skinny Popeye

Cheaper by the dozen: arrogant narcissist boyfriend falls on prank by teenagers. His expensive underwear soaked in meat, the family dog attacking his private parts!

Cheaper by the dozen: arrogant narcissist boyfriend falls on prank by teenagers. First, all wet.

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Wolverine the corrupted Asian caught with his pants down, exposed with his read undies, beaten up, begging for his life, thrown out of the window to a pool to cool off

King Frat beating up the hunks from the preppy jocks fraternity

Zipy y Zape y el club de la canica the good guys punish the bad boy, Police Academy style, gluing his hands to his hair during shower time

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